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Diverse Learning Environments


Butterfly Room
Non-Mobil Infants

Infants can never have too much love. We ensure that your child receives the personalized care and attention they need. In the Butterfly room there are two qualified teachers for every four children. These two main teachers have chosen this classroom because of their deep affection for infants and their appreciation for their own close-knit mountain community. Whether you’re a first- time parent or expecting your fourth we know how important communication can be. There is a Needs & Activity Board that is posted daily, as well as open communication, to help parents track their infants care. We also understand the importance of milestones and that they come so fast at this age, that’s why the teachers provide weekly personalized texts and photos.

Bee Room
Mobil Infants

Once your child is walking and trying to feed his/herself they are ready to come into the Mobil Infant classroom.  We pride ourselves in that we foster your child’s rapid developing curious mind.  This is where the Montessori philosphy comes to play, “Follow the Child”. This classroom is also a 4:1 teacher child ration. The classroom schedule is designed around your growing infant, with infant size learning materials, smaller shelves and floor sized bedding. This carefully inspired classroom is modeled to start the journey to foster independence in a safe beautiful, environment.  The relationship is not only being built with their primary caregiver but also with the primary family members. Daily communication is the fundamental building blocks of a trusting, working relationship with your early care giver. Our staff is there with you and your child as he/she grows out of infancy into “Toddlerhood”


Cub Room
Toddlers 2-3 years

Our “Terrific Two’s” classroom is a classroom where your child’s natural drive to be independent is fostered!  Our dedicated teachers in this classroom are busy teaching self-care such as; taking on/off coats, shoes/slippers, eating/drinking, potty introduction, and washing hands after every transition. The goal for this classroom is for the children to master these skills all on their own. They are also learning important social skills such as; waiting their turn, raising hands, putting things away in the appropriate space, being respectful and kind to their teachers and newly made friends. The use of Montessori developed materials are also introduced which include mathematics, language, sensory and many practical life jobs that will help them grow and become independent and ready for the BIG transition into Preschool.

Owl Room 
Preschool 3-5 years

This classroom is designed for your children between 3 to 5 years old. It’s a mixed age, small learning group class where curriculum is individualized. Your child will be introduced to a broad range of learning concepts that will prepare him/her into the kindergarten classroom. The teachers are trained to observe how your child learns, as all children do not learn the same way. Thats why Pine Top creates materials are set up to engage your child. A big part of the curriculum is focused on learning the sounds of the alphabet, which is fundamental to teaching children to read. We pride our selves at Pine Top that over half our kids are able to begin to read after spending two consecutive years with us in the primary classroom. We take a deep dive deep into the seven continents with your child in this classroom. Also, we learn about culture, geography, science and so many other areas of wonderful learning objectives. The most Amazing part is...Your Child is Guiding the Way!

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